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The Wilkinson Welding Academy is a cutting-edge facility, purpose-built to provide hands-on practical welder training and theory, and introduce new skills to trainees and apprentices alike.

It does not matter what your industry sector is, the academy provides training for automotive. mig welding, brazing and cutting and will qualify your staff to industry accepted standards. Fabricating, Manufacturing and Engineering sectors have many needs to address from welder qualification to vocational training and up-skilling current staff to work with new technologies. The Wilkinson Welding Academy can help with all these issues.

Instructors are available to train operatives in any welding process currently used. Our instructors provide a combination of demonstartions, mentoring, practice and theory sessions to ensure welders can select and apply the most suitable and cost effective welding process for a particular application. This level of training and support should ensure welders are confident using a particular welding process and are prepared for subsequent qualification welds.

Wilkinson Welding Academy