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Resistance Welding Course

Course Content

The Resistance welding training course includes both theory and practical sessions for the trainee.

  • To explain the principles of Resistance welding
  • To identify the components to commence Resistance welding
  • To identify and explain the controls for the Resistance process
  • To identify the key features and benefits of the Resistance process
  • To give guidance on the selection of appropriate equipment for Resistance welding applications

Key Learning Points
When the module is complete the trainee should understand the following:
  • The meaning of the Resistance welding abbreviation and terminology
  • The process of Resistance welding
  • The fundamental principles of Resistance welding
  • The process varients
  • The equipment used 
  • The weld cycle and parameters
  • Safety aspects when Resistance welding
  • The selection of appropriate Resistance welding equipment
Trainees will receive a WWA Certificate of Attendance. The training programme is quality assured and certified by our awarding bodies.
An EAL Certificate of Verified Achievement is also available at an additional cost to the trainee. (Subject to attainment)
Resistance Training Module
Trainees will receive a Wilkinson Welding Academy 'full colour 32-page Resitance Training Module' to take home for future reference.
Please Note: The Training Modules can only be acquired by completing the course and are not available to purchase.
Course Duration
Resistance Welding Beginner/Refresher: 1-2 Days
Resistance Welding Upskilling: 3-4 Days
Price and Availability
Please contact us for a quotation and future course dates.

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