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   Our Facilities
Our Training Equipment

The Wilkinson Welding Academy is equipped with the latest Jasic 'state-of-the-art' welding & cutting equipment. We firmly believe the academy offers the trainee an enhanced learning experience with access to the most diverse and technologically advanced welding equipment in the UK training industry.

All our welding equipment is supplied new and replaced regularly to ensure 
optimum reliability and to keep pace with technical developments within the welding equipment industry.

Our Jasic training equipment range includes the following:-
  • Pulse MIG Synergic Welding Inverters
  • Compact Mig Welders
  • Separate Mig Welders
  • Pulse TIG Synergic Welding Inverters  (DC & AC/DC)
  • MMA Welding Inverters
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Plasma Inverters
  • Robotic Cell
  • CNC Plasma
  • Mosa Welding Generator Simulator
  • Pedestal Spot Welders
  • Inverter Spot Welders

Wilkinson Welding Academy